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Speaking to Tralongo (Longer Video)

↔ CEO Testimonial from that Tralongo event 

“I was very fortunate to hear David Holloway speak. I’m NOT a football fan, and I was concerned at first if I would be able to connect with the message of the presentation – but I’ve got to say, David completely blew me away!

The principles about which he spoke are not “sports principles” – they are principles that can be applied to ALL aspects of life, personal as well as business. The funny thing is that I now find myself using David’s framework and analogies - all the time in guiding my team!”
Abby D.
Senior Executive

College & University

"The Message and CONNECTION with
The students was - PERFECT!"
Damian C.

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“David is a leader, hard worker, visionary, and he really cares about people. Everyone in the locker room was calling him superman his rookie year in the NFL.”
Kurt Warner
HOF Super Bowl MVP