David's IHX Programs


The Endless Power of
A Clear Vision

  Discover the 5 sure-fire steps that will give you the blue print for maximum achievement.

 This is David’s #1 key to success and reaching your biggest dreams.

 In this audio program David walks you through how to properly craft a clear vision to your BIGGER FUTURE, through personal stories and easy to follow steps.

 Even if you already have a vision, this program will help give it more clarity and much more power…

The Foundation of Success

  The Foundation of Success Series Video program is an in depth training on getting you to your highest levels of achievement personally and professionally.

 Here David walks you through 8 modules that will guide you to your bigger future.

 Discover insider stories, strategies, and techniques that David personally learned from ICONS: Bill Russell, Walter Payton, General Colin Powel, and many more… 

"David's frameworks and teachings are second to none. I look forward to being
his teammate and welcoming future teammates also"
testimonial for Holloway corporate
Jane Ross
"David's programs transformed my life. His teaching style was that of a very caring teacher. I can't thank him enough!"
Joe Poole