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Dear friend, 

Thank you for beginning your Peak Performance journey with me. It’s going to be an honor to serve & share with you as we walk together.

I want to let you know from the beginning – This journey is not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it!

I’ve always been told not to tell people that it’s going to be hard – because most people will never try… but I don’t believe that’s true. I believe people will always work HARD… if … the payoff is great enough.

And thats why dedicated my life to becoming a outstanding teacher – so I can share my gifts in a Simple – Powerful – Impactful – Influential way! All in hopes of assisting you in architecting a great enough reward!

You may have heard the phrase: “Complexity is the enemy of execution.” Very True! But, on the other side of that: “Simplicity is the friend of execution.” And the reason I say that is to share with you a now what I learned in becoming a great teacher:

  The Very Best Ways To Teach according to HollyRock:

    • ♦  Teach in Stories 

    • ♦  Use simple metaphors

    • ♦  Distill tons of information down into it’s simplest form

    • ♦  Share a very small – first actionable step

    • ♦  Summarize the lessons at the end


These foundational bullets are how I teach, share, reveal, point out, train, motivate, cheer on, and coach. 

I also come from a family of educators and leaders – which I’m very proud of. And, besides my feelings … I tell you that because the messages I share are not just coming from me – they’re coming through me! They are coming through me from all the GIANTS who shoulders I stand on!

Welcome inside my huddle.

Your teammate for life, 


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Katie Simmons

My mission is simple...

... It's ingrained in my DNA...

... It's one of the sacred codes of World Championship Teams & World Class Competitors...

” To Help My Teammates 

win for life !”