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Feedback on David...

“Awesome… So! Awesome!” 

– Bill Mcelvie Jr.

“Very interesting, absolutely timely, and extremely relevant.” – Don Wimberly

“You helped reinvigorate the power of passionate leadership and how it makes positive impacts not only on the associate but in their personal lives as well. Excellent presentation thank you for sharing with our company.” – Richard Smith

“Today I raised my game.  I thought you were outstanding.” – Fern Andrew

"Overly Impressed!"
Dr. Lance Busch
CEO Challenger Center
The Playmaker Matrix is the perfect tool for understanding
And evaluating Teamwork!
Larry Galvin
AAM Sr Advisor
“Your speech hit home and was perfect
for this years theme!"
Jim A. P.

  Over the years I have had the opportunity to hear several speakers at these types of events and I must say you were easily the most engaging, and interesting speakers I have heard. I enjoyed every minute of your talk and it had me sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time.

  My peers and I will not forget your talk anytime soon and will look forward to attending any function that you speak at in the future.”

– J. F. Paulson

“You made me believe again!”

“Interesting.  Profound.  Well worth the time.” – S. Williams

“Thank you! David. You touched my heart.
Great job and God bless your talent.” – Shelly 

“Thank you!  Taking these great ideas to become a better professional and parent!  You were amazing!”  – M. Durk

“David is an AMAZING TEACHER!”
Lori M.
Sr Manager

“Thank you for being such an inspirational thought leader for us here today.

This was helpful because it reaffirms that while there will always be ups and downs in the experience as a team attempts to reach his goals – it is a necessary part of building a great team that is ready for any challenge.”

                                    – B. Richmond

"Inspirational. Influential. Insightful!"
Abbie D
Hollander Sleep Products

“Your speech hit home and was perfect for this years theme. Also as I previously noted I’ve attended these for the past 8 years and your speech was the most beneficial in my eyes. Keep it up and keep spreading the word! Thank you.” – Matt Z

Graduations - Commencement Addresses

“Thank You David!”

“I NEEDED this Message 

Right Now!”

“Absolutely Loved!”

“Thank you Mr. Holloway for such an inspirational speech! You passed along a great gift today and I can’t thank you enough!”

“The IMPACT will go far beyond today!     Thank you so much for being here.”

“You were AWESOME!”

"David!!! Thank You So So Much!"
Shophia C.