David A. Holloway, 

 was literally born on game day – where his dad Brian and the New England patriots beat the Saints 7 – 0. After the game, and after getting his frozen jersey cut off, Brian rushed to the hospital and met up with David, his mom, and his grandfather – NHL Legend – Johnny ‘Pie’ Mckenzie. 

David grew up in a championship sports world but when it was his turn to play – everyone told him that he wasn’t good enough. All the experts said he didn’t have what it takes. Despite these challenges, David soared above all the obstacles. He became an All Star, helped lead a team to the Super Bowl, and inspired millions of people around the world along the way.

His powerful message has been heard at live events in nearly all 50 states and in many countries. He shared the stage with U.S. Presidents, CEO’s, business moguls, and many celebrities.

David uses his front line experience and the skills he has gained from growing up around, and working with, these legendary figures, to transform people & teams. This intellectual capital also comes from over 3 decades of experience inside the super-culture of championship teams and the 15-plus years spent inside corporate boardrooms.

David’s accomplishments have landed him appearances on: ABC, NBC Sports, ESPN, ESPN Classic, the 700 club, featured coverage on USA Today, Washington Post, The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, and many other outlets.


Beyond being a speaker and trainer, Holloway is founder of Inside The Holloway Huddle a master class curriculum that gives people expert strategies on peak performance, overcoming adversity, personal development, & sustaining resiliency in a competitive landscape.

David Holloway is much more than “just another athlete…

He’s an engaging speaker + team-building expert

who comes from a long line of prominent national leaders who helped shape America

Families Championship Rings

his PASSIONs today are HELPING people & organizations

rise to new levels of excellence!

“My life purpose is to inspire & empower people & organizations to live their…Vision of Greatness!”

Professional Bio

  As one of the most requested speakers, All Star front line competitor David Holloway has traveled over half a million miles, inspiring many of the FORTUNE 500; with his epic stories & strategies of – Making The Impossible Happen!

A former ‘Walk-on Underdog’, Holloway beat incredible odds to become a Maryland legend & NFL All-Star front line competitor. Who was the driving force in turning around one of the worst franchises in sports. Helping build the foundation that brought the ARIZONA CARDINALS to SUPERBOWL XLIII.

Today, he shares best practices to leaders who are committed to an extraordinary future. Giving audiences a behind the scenes look – into the world of highly successful World-Class Competitors & World Champions – who will consistently outperform the competition.

David’s also an Executive Coach & Trainer – sharing his expert insights with numerous billion dollar companies, Coaching CEO’s, & Teams on how to upgrade the playbook, maximize talent, and re-invent their organizations.

David Holloway is much more than ‘just another athlete.’ He’s an engaging speaker & is recognized as a team-building expert – who comes from a long line of prominent national leaders who helped shape America.

“He is a leader, hard worker, visionary, and he really cares about people! Everyone in the locker room was calling him superman his rookie year in the NFL.”
Kurt Warner
HOF NFL MVP & Super bowl MVP
“David is a outstanding leader, an exceptional teacher, who has a very powerful message!”
Jonathan Holloway
Rutgers University President
"David is an 'A' Player!"
Joe Polish
Genius Network founder

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From the very beginning David was fortunate to have grown up around world leaders, world class educators, and world-class competitors.

"Why don't you just quit and go home!"


 Years later on David also wanted to play sports, but in the beginning – he was labeled…

“Too Small, Too Slow, & Too Weak.

Despite all the rejection and obstacles he made a declaration to never stop dreaming big.

"6th Team Walk On!"

  He walked on at the University of Maryland and started out on the 6th team and – Couldn’t even get into practice

BUT…he found a way (using the secrets of world class competitors) to make the impossible happen!

He later rose to become: Team Captain, a Record Holder, Leader of one of the Best Defenses in Maryland history, and one of the All-time Greats!

"Teach Me How To Fly...

  He continued onto the NFL where he made an immediate impact. He was nick named ‘Superman’ by his team 2 weeks into his pro career.

  While in Arizona he helped lead and completely turn a losing culture around in record time. Building the foundation of a winning culture, that took the Arizona Cardinals to the SUPER BOWL XLIII. The first Super bowl in franchise history.


"Educating. Motivating.
And Inspiring...


 David’s message will not only inspire and challenge you – but you’ll also receive a roadmap to achieve your goals and perform at a higher level.



" I'm here as a servant leader.

I'm here to pass on the great gifts that were given to me.

I'm here to remind people of their - Genius, Greatness & Personal Power With In!"